Meticulous repair services by
skillful and experienced craftsmen

Jewellery and watch repair services using only the highest quality materials, unparalleled
attention to detail, ensuring that your jewellery or watch is restored to its pristine condition.


Please view each service in detail to see how we can help. If you are unsure of which service is right for you, feel free to schedule a free appointment to speak with one of our Valuers.



We offer a wide range of jewellery repair work, from general repairs to remodeling. No job is too large or small. Your pieces are just as special to us as they are to you and the utmost care is taken with their security while they are with us. Our network of jewellers can breathe life into an old, damaged or inherited piece of jewellery. 

  • We offer a no-cost, no-obligation quotation service. Feel free to call in with your jewellery and we can discuss any repairs that may be required. 
  • Rest assured that we will take very good care of your jewellery We understand how sentimental and precious jewellery can be. 
  • Our team follows a strict process when taking in your jewellery for repair which includes thorough microscopic inspection, documenting and photographing each item. 
  • Our team will then assess your item, and provide you with a recommendation for work needed, a quote and time frame. 
  • There is no cost or fee should you decide not to proceed with the repair or remodeling of your jewellery. You simply need to let us know that you wish your jewellery to be returned without any repair. 
  • We provide the following repairs: 
    • Ring resizing 
    • Re-tipping of setting claws 
    • Rhodium plating white gold 
    • Replacement and sourcing of any gemstones or diamonds. 
    • Ring half shank 
    • Chain and bracelet soldering repairs 
    • Laser welding repairs 
    • Repair earrings 
    • Solder charms 
    • Chain & bracelet repairs 
    • Clean & polish jewellery 


All repairs are professionally carried out by an exclusively trained team at an authorised service centre. The team is on hand to help with everything from a watch strap adjustment to a full service. All work is sensitively and professionally carried out at our secure specialist workshop. 

How to tell if your watch needs a service or repair 

Your watch will need either service or repair at some point in its life. Oftentimes, this will be because your watch is not running well or on time, or it has suffered damage that needs expert repair. 

The general rule of thumb is getting your watch serviced every two to five years, but there are many factors that might mean your watch requires service or repair earlier or more frequently. How often you wear your watch and the conditions in which you wear it will affect its everyday functions and wearability. 

Watch overhaul 

A watch overhaul is your watch’s first inspection and will assess the extent of the repair and service necessary. 

Watch battery replacement 

Battery replacement and reseal prices start from $25 and depend on the watch brand and model. 

Watch cleaning 

To properly clean your watch, it will be taken apart into its individual components so everything can be given a thorough polish and clean. The utmost care is taken and specific machines and tools are used on the different parts of your watch. 

Watch case repair 

This includes maintenance and professional polish of your watch ‘encasing’ – including the dial, hands and movement. 

If you believe your watch requires a service not listed here, please contact us so we can advise accordingly. 



  • We offer rethreading services for pearls and beads of any size and length. We also repair and alter pearl and bead jewellery. , 

  • We take great pride in our high-quality workmanship. Our pearl rethreader has been threading for over 30 years and uses traditional imported European silk, and strong upholster/overlocking thread for the occasional heavy or large pearl and bead necklaces. All necklaces requiring rethreading include traditional gympe ends at the clasp to give the necklace strength and are cleaned if necessary. 

  • Costume jewellery. The irony is that this type of jewellery can often be more time consuming to rethread. 

  • We also offer silver or gold clasps including magnetic clasps should you need one. 

  • We can also help with deciding on the best overall length for necklaces and bracelets and whether your piece requires rethreading or reknotting. 

Contact us to book your free appointment and get a no-obligation quote. 



  • Over time gemstones can become worn. In these cases, a lapidary service can transform your dull, lifeless gem back to its original beauty and brilliance. 

  • Lapidary is a technique of cutting and polishing gemstones and diamonds. Renewing the shine and sparkle of your gemstones and diamonds is an easy and simple way to breathe new life into pieces. 

  • We can repair most damaged gemstones stones, including stones broken in half which can be re-cut. We can remove scratches off gemstones including re-polishing onyx. 

  • We work with expert external craftspeople to re-cut and re-polish gemstones. 


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