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What is the process to begin a Jewellery Valuation service?

You can schedule a free appointment with us by contacting us directly. From there, we’ll meet with you in person at our premises and provide a quote and an estimated date of completion for your valuation. During the appointment, we will fill out a take-in form which confirms that you are leaving your items in our trust. The valuation process will be completed, you will collect your jewellery, and you will receive a hard-copy and PDF version of your report via email.

What is your valuation process?

Our valuation process begins with a thorough clean of your jewellery. This ensures that all diamonds, coloured gemstones, and precious metals are clean for the assessment. Once cleaned, we will photograph your item and include these photos in the valuation report.

From there, our assessment involves testing the purity of metal,  identification, grading, measuring, and weight calculations of gemstones and diamonds included in each piece of jewellery. We will then identify the manufacturing process for each item and finally, a  Value for the required purpose.

Why do I need to have my jewellery valued?

If you need to have your jewellery valued and specified on your insurance policy, most insurers will require a valuation by an independent Jewellery Valuer. This will ensure that your item can be covered under your policy. If you are considering selling a jewellery item of yours, an independent valuation for re-sale will provide a potential buyer with a valuation report stating the qualities of your jewellery. This also will give added confidence to you as the seller and the buyer.

Where is my jewellery valued?

All our Jewellery Valuation and Gemmological services are conducted in our premises. We use industry standard equipment, processes and in accordance with the code of ethics of The Jewellery Valuers Society of New Zealand.

What items out of my collection should be valued?

The purpose of the valuation will generally dictate which items require a valuation. For instance, if valuing for insurance and your policy states that any jewellery item over $1,000.00 needs a valuation so it can be specified, then any item over $1,000.00 needs to be valued. If the purpose is to sell, we would recommend anything with a Market Value over $1000. In some instances, items which have sentimental value and is beneficial to them to have it documented have also been valued. This is at our client’s discretion.

Who should value my jewellery?

A Jewellery Valuer should be a qualified Gemmologist, and/or Diamond Grader and a registered Member of a Jewellery Valuers society within New Zealand. A Jewellery Valuer should also have previous experience within the Jewellery Industry.

Do you offer a discount on multiple items needing to be valued?

Yes. We are happy to offer a better price per item and for an entire collection. To do this, we need to see the collection prior to quoting. Schedule a free appointment for a no obligation quote.

I have plain gold jewellery that needs to be valued. Is this based on gram weight only?

Even though plain gold/precious metal jewellery valuations are far simpler than gem set valuations, we also need to establish how an item was manufactured as this is also a key factor in valuing gold Jewellery.

How often should my jewellery be re-valued/ updated?

We recommend that you contact us every 2-3 years and ask us whether your items require updating. If this is the case and your items have been valued by us previously, we charge a subsidised fee to update your item(s). If the value(s) have not changed substantially to warrant an update, we will send you a letter informing you and your insurer that no updates are required.

How long does it take to have the items valued?

Our standard service is 3-5 business days. We offer a same day service for a maximum of 10 items. To use our same day service, a morning appointment must be booked.  Some items may require further research, and in some cases complicated which require more time to assess.

What do I receive once the assessment is completed?

On completion, you will receive a hard copy of your report with 2-3 photos and a comprehensive description of your item(s) with all relevant information. We also send you a PDF version via email.

Why do I need to leave my jewellery with you?

For us to do our job, we do ask that you leave your jewellery with us. All items are documented on a take-in form at the time of your appointment and you will receive a copy.

Can I watch the valuer assess and value my jewellery?

We appreciate the public showing interest in what we do, however we do not allow the public to watch while we are valuing. The primary reasons are security & privacy as we have valuables in our trust.

I’ve had an item of jewellery valued 25 years ago and I now need it to be re-valued. How different will your report be from the valuation from 25 years ago?

Even though some aspects of the previous valuation and our valuation may be similar, we complete our own independent assessment rather than work from what you previously had. The Diamond and Gemmological Industries are constantly evolving with knowledge and assessment techniques which may not have been at a Jewellery Valuers disposal 25 years ago.

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