May birthstone: Emerald

The emerald, a symbol of rebirth, is believed to grant its wearer foresight, good fortune, and youth. The green gemstone has enchanted royalty for millennia, from Egyptian pharaohs to Incan emperors.   Nothing greens greener Emerald’s name is derived from the word “smaragdus” which means “green” in Greek. Famed Roman author, Pliny the Elder, wrote [...]

Why it’s important to get a valuation for your jewellery insurance

Jewellery is one of the most precious, and emotionally significant items we own. It can mark special times or relationships - from engagements, marriages and anniversaries to births, friendships and career achievements. But did you know your household insurance policy will not cover jewellery items over a certain value? Under your general household contents insurance [...]

April birthstone: Diamond

Many consider diamond the most popular gemstone on earth. The scintillating April birthstone is a symbol of strength and wealth, and has been cherished for millennia. Classic white The most popular diamonds are white and colourless. The April birthstone is traditionally this type of diamond. However, diamonds come in a range of colours including green, [...]

Tools of the trade – the instruments we use to assess your jewellery

Jewellery valuation and gemmology are very specialised fields. Accurately examining and appraising jewellery and gemstones takes years of practice. It also require specialist tools – more than you might think! Here are a few of the tools we use at Wellington Jewellery Valuations to give you the most accurate and detailed valuation possible.   Loupe [...]

A quick-reference guide to caring for your gemstones

Enticing and dazzling, gemstones have fascinated people since ancient times, due to their varied colours, shape, and brilliance. Their rarity and natural toughness make them precious and prized possessions. But despite their tough nature, gemstones must be looked after if they are to have long and lustrous lives. For cleaning, most gemstones will respond well [...]

How to care for your pearls

Pearls are 2.5 to 3.0 on the Mohs Scale of hardness, so they are a comparatively soft gem and require special care. Wearing your pearls  Last thing to put on, first thing to take off Pearls should be the final touch to your outfit. Apply makeup, hairspray, lotion or perfume before you put your pearls [...]


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