Why it’s important to get a valuation for your jewellery insurance

Jewellery is one of the most precious, and emotionally significant items we own. It can mark special times or relationships - from engagements, marriages and anniversaries to births, friendships and career achievements. But did you know your household insurance policy will not cover jewellery items over a certain value? Under your general household contents insurance [...]

Tools of the trade – the instruments we use to assess your jewellery

Jewellery valuation and gemmology are very specialised fields. Accurately examining and appraising jewellery and gemstones takes years of practice. It also require specialist tools – more than you might think! Here are a few of the tools we use at Wellington Jewellery Valuations to give you the most accurate and detailed valuation possible.   Loupe [...]

What makes jewellery antique?

As a rule of thumb, 100 years is what it takes for a piece of jewellery to become antique. But identifying when exactly a piece of jewellery was made - and therefore how valuable it really is - can be difficult.   Objects of the past are growing in popularity, and terms such as ‘antique’ [...]

Why you should get a jewellery valuation

It’s important to get jewellery valued professionally for a range of reasons -  protecting the jewellery you own, selling your jewellery or valuing an estate of someone who has passed.   Whether it’s your new engagement ring, a family heirloom or just your collection of jewellery  that has grown over the years, your jewellery is [...]

A quick-reference guide to caring for your gemstones

Enticing and dazzling, gemstones have fascinated people since ancient times, due to their varied colours, shape, and brilliance. Their rarity and natural toughness make them precious and prized possessions. But despite their tough nature, gemstones must be looked after if they are to have long and lustrous lives. For cleaning, most gemstones will respond well [...]

How diamonds are valued

Ever wondered how a diamond’s worth is determined?  The 4Cs Well, it all comes down to four characteristics, known as the 4Cs: colour, clarity, cut and carat weight. These are the globally accepted standards for assessing the quality of a diamond. Much like a human fingerprint, every diamond has unique characteristics and the relationship between its [...]


Do you have a question about our services, our team, or our process? We encourage you to take a look at our most frequently asked questions down below to see if we can help. If you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us directly to speak with a member of [...]

The Benefits of Jewellery Valuations

When you choose to learn the true value of your jewellery pieces or your precious gemstones, you can instantly give yourself the insight that you need to make an informed decision about the future of these pieces. Do you plan to resell them for capital? Perhaps you’re interested in having your pieces insured? Whatever your [...]


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