How to care for your pearls

Pearls are 2.5 to 3.0 on the Mohs Scale of hardness, so they are a comparatively soft gem and require special care.

Wearing your pearls 

Last thing to put on, first thing to take off

  • Pearls should be the final touch to your outfit. Apply makeup, hairspray, lotion or perfume before you put your pearls on. These products all contain chemicals that damage pearls.
  • Wear your pearls often! Pearls do best in a moist environment, so wearing them frequently keeps them from drying out.

Cleaning your pearls

  • After every wear, wipe your pearls with a soft cloth. This will prevent any buildup of oils or other substances that may have come in contact with your pearls or the silk thread throughout the day.
  • Never submerge a pearl necklace in water as it will weaken the silk thread.
  • Make sure your pearls are completely dry before storing. Again, this helps preserve the elasticity of the silk thread.

Storing your pearls

  • Store pearls in a silk pouch or handkerchief, separately from other gemstones and metal jewellery to prevent scratching. Never store them in a plastic bag — plastic can emit a chemical that will damage their surface. 
  • Store your pearls flat. While it’s perfectly acceptable for most necklaces to be hung on a cute jewelry rack, your pearl strands should not be. Store pearl necklaces flat to prevent their silk thread from stretching.

Get your pearls rethreaded 

  • If the silk thread of your pearl bracelet or necklace is fraying, it’s time for your pearls to be rethreaded. If the knots of the silk thread start to discolour, this is also a good indication that you should get your pearls rethreaded.
  • Wellington Jewellery Valuations can reathread your pearls for you. We’re happy to schedule a free appointment with you to take a closer look and provide a quote with absolutely no obligation. Use the contact form below or call us to arrange your free appointment.
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