Why you should get a jewellery valuation

It’s important to get jewellery valued professionally for a range of reasons –  protecting the jewellery you own, selling your jewellery or valuing an estate of someone who has passed.


Whether it’s your new engagement ring, a family heirloom or just your collection of jewellery  that has grown over the years, your jewellery is precious, so it’s important to make sure it’s properly valued.


Insurance is arguably the most critical reason to get your jewellery valued. It is your responsibility as a claimant to prove to insurers the value of any piece you are claiming for in the event of loss or theft. An up-to-date valuation can help you avoid financial loss in such an event. It can also help you avoid having to make up any cost difference or accept a lesser quality item. And it’s a great chance for the jewellery to be checked over for potential loose settings or necessary repair work.

The value of your jewellery can change and so it may be worth having your jewellery valued every two to five years. This is particularly important if you want your insurance to remain valid, as some insurers will state that you need a valuation every so often to maintain cover. Overall, having an up-to-date valuation will make for a much smoother claims process!

Buying and selling

Having a professional and trustworthy valuation of jewellery you want to buy or sell is critical to a fair and reasonable transaction. An accurate and detailed description by an independent valuer will verify the item and ensure that both buyer and seller get good value.

Estate division

An independent jewellery valuation can aid the fair division of assets in the event of a family break-up or bereavement. Getting your precious jewellery valued can help you to get a fuller picture of the legacy that you will leave your loved ones.

And, if you have the misfortune of experiencing the death of a loved one and they hadn’t had their jewellery recently valued, you’re going to need an understanding of how much the jewellery is really worth for probate.

Why it’s important to get a valuation by a qualified professional

Jewellery valuation is a highly specialised profession requiring in-depth knowledge of manufacturing methods and design styles, both historical and current; gemstone identification (gemmology) and diamond grading; and a comprehensive understanding of the markets for precious metals and diamonds.

Why choose us?

We are committed to providing independent, accurate and affordable jewellery valuation services that you can trust.

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